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Yoga classes via Rollebol

Yoga classes for toddlers and at the BSOs of Rollebol Kindercentra

Rollebol children's centers want to offer children the opportunity to discover the various branches of sport. Offering challenging indoor and outdoor activities has an effect on children's exercise behaviour. Rollebol children's centers has therefore now also started offering yoga classes at daycare and after-school care in Alkmaar.

Collaboration with The Yoga World Rollebol child centers does not build on quality of service, but also expands it. We have a partnership with “De Yogawereld”. The children remain under the supervision of our pedagogical employees and are taught by a qualified teacher. Children love to move, are playful and imaginative. Especially in the times in which we now live, a lot is asked of children, both within and outside school. Performance is an important thing and can sometimes cause a lot of stress for children. In addition, children also come into contact with many stimuli and impressions from outside. At those moments it is nice to be able to rely on your own body, your own feelings and strength. Children's yoga helps children to get in touch with this, because different senses are addressed and the yoga postures help them get to know their own body. A valuable basis for the rest of life, which is why children's yoga is a must for every human child! In a playful way, children are invited in class to meditate, perform yoga postures, move together with other children and experience what it is like to be quiet. Every children's yoga class has a different theme that fits in with the experience of children. A beautiful experience when you are still young that you will take with you for the rest of your life! Interested? Are you interested in introducing your child to Yoga in this way? Please contact our central administration or register your child via download the application form on our site. You will then be told everything about the programme, the schedule and the rates. You can also take a look at the site of The Yoga World for more information about Children's Yoga.

Rollebol children's hair salon

Discover the benefits for you and your child

Rollebol children's centers offers the service “Kinderkapsalon” in collaboration with Rob Mens Kappers. Hairdresser Robin Mens will visit the branches according to a fixed schedule. You can register your child for “De Rollebol Kinderkapsalon” via the registration form.


Robin visits according to a coordinated schedule per location. Your child will then have a haircut during the daycare. It is also possible to visit outside the reception days.

Via the registration form you can register and clearly describe what your wishes are. "Would you like to leave your child's hair nice and short or a little longer, a specific haircut or the existing haircut, but a little shorter?" you can let Robin know and she will make sure it is to your liking. Rob Mens hairdressers stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in hair fashion, both in models and techniques.


Certified hairdresser Robin Mens worked for some time in the hairdressing company of her father Rob Mens. She has been taught the hairdressing profession from an early age. She learned a lot from her father and now runs her own salon at 14 Geestersingel in Alkmaar. Characteristic of the way of working of the family business is that the customer is always central. Before the scissors are taken up, extensive time is taken to talk about what the customer wants and what suits the customer. In this way, the goal to be achieved is formed in collaboration with the customer. For Robin, the goal is only achieved when the customer leaves the door with a smile.

Cutting children also requires a specific approach. Robin has experience with cutting children in all age categories. What matters is that the child is at ease. Cutting your hair should be fun!

Nice for children

The group in the childcare center is a familiar and safe environment for your child. Some children love going to the hairdresser and others find it a bit exciting. The children can look at each other and see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Our pedagogical staff and Robin create a nice atmosphere around the haircut, where children continue to feel at home.

The cutting takes place in a suitable place within the nursery. Safety and hygiene are paramount.

Robin will also visit the groups on periodic visits to regularly show her face to the children. The aim is to have a fixed and familiar face. In the unlikely event that Robin is not in the opportunity, Rob Mens Hairdressers will provide a nice colleague who has an affinity with children.

It has been ensured that a nice children's hairdressing chair is available at every location. There is also a crazy hair dryer, children's capes, cool boy gel and much more. For the

girls there are nice pins and hair bands. Fun children's music is played during the cutting.

Sitting still can sometimes be difficult for children. That is why time is taken. If you are unable to sit in the children's hairdressing chair while cutting, Robin will create a great haircut with the same ease while your child is sitting on the teacher's lap. Of course we will take into account if your child really does not want to. Cutting on the group should be a fun experience!

Nice photos are made of the cutting, which you can view via the Rollebol Parent Portal. This way you can go over the cutting experience with your child at the end of the day.

Easy for you

What could be easier than cutting at childcare? Many parents find it difficult to go to a hair salon with their children. Sometimes it is difficult to schedule, but it is also sometimes dreaded because of long waiting times. At Rollebol you can pick up your child at the end of the day with a beautiful haircut, without it costing you any time.

Hairdresser Robin visits all locations where children aged 0-4 years are taken care of once every seven weeks to cut children in a familiar environment. This applies to all children who use the nursery or toddler care at Rollebol, Olke Bolke and Skippybol. Robin cuts according to a set schedule, but children who are normally cared for on another day can also make use of this.


The Rollebol Children's Hair Salon costs € 16,50 per session. This will be billed about a month later on your monthly invoice. With this rate you will receive a discount on the regular rate of €25. from quality hairdresser Rob Mens Kappers. Rollebol kindercentra facilitates this service and calculates the costs 1 on 1 via your monthly invoice.

Via the registration form you can register your child. This can be done on an incidental basis, but also on a structural basis. The planning of the Rollebol Children's Hair Salon is available for inspection at the location. On the form you can indicate which day of the week you prefer. It is also possible to indicate via the form that you are coming with your child yourself. In that case, you must also indicate a time. Of course you can pass on your wishes regarding your child's haircut. You can then send this completed form and our Central Administration will process it. Optionally, you can attach a sample photo of the desired hairstyle.

discount card

With your Rollebol Voordeelpas you can also receive a discount in one of the salons of Rob Mens Kappers on various treatments for both children and adults.

If you have any questions, please contact the location manager of your location or the central administration of Rollebol children's centers via 072-5669028 or

Swimming lessons via Rollebol

Get your swimming diploma at Rollebol children's centers

Fun for kids and easy for parents. And cheap too! Rollebol childcare centers offer after-school care, including diploma swimming. 

Learning to swim is very important in our water-rich country. We live in a water-rich environment and like to look for water in one of the many swimming pools, sea or recreational lakes. That is why we think it is important that children learn to swim at an early age. At Rollebol children's centers your child can take weekly swimming lessons, without you having to worry about it. You just need to give your child a swimsuit and a towel.

A solution for every parent and great fun for every child!

Children receive swimming lessons up to and including swimming. So they get their swimming diploma at the BSO. That goes step by step of course. They soon become familiar with the water and learn the important swimming (safety) techniques. Professional swimming instructors from Sportbedrijf Alkmaar teach the children to swim.

Benefits of swimming during after-school care:

  • Price advantage: Rollebol offers after-school care including diploma swimming.
  • Lessons are provided professionally.
  • A qualified pedagogical employee of Rollebol children's centers is always present during swimming lessons.
  • This way you have free time to do other fun things with your child.
  • Children swim together with friends from the BSO.
  • Children obtain the recognized national swimming diploma.
  • Rollebol children's centers arrange transport to the swimming pool and supervision.


We offer swimming diploma A+B+C. Swimming diploma is available for children who already have swimming lessons or who have never taken swimming lessons before. After-school care, including diploma swimming, is only possible according to a fixed schedule drawn up in collaboration with the swimming pools. This schedule can be requested from the Central Administration. It concerns 6 to 7 participants at a time. If all places are available, your child will be placed on the waiting list.

Transport can consist of only bringing, after which you as a parent can pick up your child again after swimming or both bring and collect, so that you as a parent can pick up your child again at the BSO. This depends on the schedule and you will of course be informed about this.

Who is allowed to go to the swimming lessons of Rollebol children's centers?

All children from the age of 5 who receive care on certain days in accordance with the swimming schedule at a BSO of Rollebol children's centers can obtain the swimming diploma.

When are the swimming lessons?

According to schedule. can be requested from our Central Administration, we offer children the opportunity to take swimming lessons during BSO. The children swim as much as possible in fixed groups. There are no swimming lessons during school holidays. However, you can also opt for a crash course during the holidays, where the children swim for a few days in a row and then graduate at the weekend. Also ask for the schedule regarding days and times.

How do the kids go to the pool?

Rollebol childcare centers provide guidance for the children when dressing and undressing. Professional swimming instructors provide swimming lessons. Swimming lessons last 45 minutes. Obtaining the A diploma takes on average about 15 teaching months. A+B+C takes approximately 23 teaching months.

Viewing days?

Through the pool you remain involved in your child's swimming progress. There is regular viewing day for parents. The viewing days are announced to the parents by means of an invitation from the swimming pool.

What does the swimming lesson at a Rollebol childcare center cost?

Swimming via the BSO of Rollebol children's centers is easy and the cheapest way to obtain swimming diplomas. In the package with half-day after-school care including diploma swimming, the costs for the swimming lessons are included. Register your child for swimming lessons? Then fill it form in. If you have any questions about swimming lessons at Rollebol children's centres, please do not hesitate to contact our Central Administration: 072 566 90 28 or

Toddler Survival Swimming

Self-reliant swimming

We live in a country rich in water and we like to recreate with the children near or on the water. There is a danger in this for young children. In addition, young children are becoming increasingly independent and more often explore or become out of sight of their parents. It is therefore important that they can save themselves if they fall into the water. In our water-rich country it is therefore not possible to start early enough with swimming lessons.

Without fear of going under, effortlessly coming up again and keeping yourself safely afloat. Every child should be able to do that. Not only in the protected environment of the swimming pool, but especially in the unknown open water. That is why a first introduction to swimming lessons for children of 3 years is essential. Moreover, experience shows that children love to learn to swim! In addition, it also gives them a beautiful diploma.

From 3 years old

At Rollebol children's centers we offer the so-called survival toddler swimming for 0-4 year olds. In survival swimming the children learn self-reliance in the water. Water fear is removed. Children who cannot swim yet are taught how to react if they fall into the water. The lessons are for children from 3 years old.

Rollebol children's centers have concluded an agreement with the swimming pool De Hoornse Vaart and the swimming pool De Hout with a work plan and safety protocol.

An advantage is that your child goes swimming in a familiar environment with other friends from the childcare center and trusted pedagogical employees.

When are the swimming lessons?

We offer children the opportunity to take swimming lessons according to a fixed schedule. The children swim in fixed groups as much as possible. The duration of the swimming lessons and the number are included in the schedule.

How do the kids go to the pool?

Rollebol children's centers provide transport in their own Rollebol vans. The pedagogical employees of Rollebol children's centers provide guidance for the children and also help with undressing and dressing.

Professional swimming instructors provide swimming lessons. The pedagogical employee provides support and participates in the lesson if possible.

viewing day

This program concludes with a lesson in the presence of the parents. The children also receive a certificate. The last lesson is free. Then the children can swim with the parents. Grandpa's and Grandma's can come and have a look and a diploma is issued.

What does the toddler survival swimming lesson at Rollebol children's centers cost?

We use the rates of the swimming pool. The costs for the extra deployment of pedagogical employees and the delivery and collection with the vans are for the account of Rollebol childcare centers. You can request costs via


Survival swimming from Rollebol children's centers is a fun way to prepare for the swimming lessons that we offer at the BSO for the diploma A, B and C.

Do you have any questions about swimming lessons for 3 year olds at Rollebol children's centers or do you want your child? sign up, please contact our Central Administration 072 – 566 90 28 or

Rollebol Kids run

Rollebol children's centers; name sponsor of the Rollebol Kids Run of Alkmaar City Run by Night

Date: May 25, 2022

Registration deadline: May 11, 2022
registration fee: 5 euros – for children of Rollebol: free

What could be more fun than running through the beautiful city center of Alkmaar in the evening with your mates from the after-school care? The Alkmaar City Run will take place on Wednesday evening before Ascension by night Place. Part of this is the Rollebol Kids Run for the youngest athletes over 800 and 1.600 meters. Rollebol Kindercentra is the name sponsor of this specific part. The children of Rollebol children's centers are recognizable by the nice purple running shirt with the print of the mascot Rolly de Bol.

The start is from Bagijnenstraat at Kerkplein. The 800/4/5 year olds and the 6/7/8 year olds run 9 meters. For children aged 7/8/9 and 10/11/12, the track is 1600 meters.

At 19.15:19 there is a warm-up for the participants in the Rollebol Kids Run. Our mascot Rolly de Bol will give the starting shot again. The start time is at 30:10 and the next part of the Rollebol Kids Run departs 1.600 minutes later. After the start, the children walk via the Geest through the Clarissenbolwerk along the Kennemersingel. Then via the Vrouwenstraat and the Ritsevoort towards the Oudegracht. The 2018 meters run over the Oude Gracht. Both distances go via the Koorstraat to the finish on the Kerkplein. At the finish, the children continue to the distribution post and receive a commemorative medal, a bottle of drink and a Rollebol goodie bag. We had no fewer than 1.000 young athletes in XNUMX.

The free Rollebol goodie bag contains all kinds of fun must-haves for the children and also a gift from Rollebol children's centers. You can download your photo and video of the Rollebol Kids Run for free. The video service runs through MyLaps. Everything can be downloaded via the results page at This will take you to the personal results page with finish time, photo and video. Fun and movement are paramount. It's great to have a good time. But if you accomplish it, you're already a whopper.

After the Rollebol Kids Run, the pedagogical staff will start for the 5 and 10 km. They participate with the business teams of Rollebol children's centers during the Alkmaar City Run by night. So cheer along the course or stop by the Rollebol Cheering point. There everyone encourages on the Nieuwlandersingel at the gate to the Skippybol children's center at number 69.

For more information, look at news from this site and at

Rollebol BSO runners
Because the Kids Run is sponsored by Rollebol childcare centers, many children from their own out-of-school care centers participate, such as BSO Rollebol, BSO Bolleboos, BSO Bolschip, ScoutingBSO Kinderbolwerk, BSO Knikkebol, CultuurBSO Holderdebolder, BSO Skippybol, BSO Stoombol and of course SportBSO Stuiterbol.

Growing up healthy
Sport, health and exercise are important for everyone, but especially for growing children. That is why Rollebol childcare centers provide healthy and varied food and encourage children to exercise a lot. At all out-of-school care centers in Alkmaar, children aged 4 to 12 can play, chill, play sports and discover everything after school. As an extra service, children can also attend swimming lessons during the after-school care afternoon.

Exercise is healthy for body and mind. This year there are Rollebol teams for the 5 and 10 km run, all colleagues from our locations in Alkmaar, including Rollebol, Bolleboos, Bolschip, KinderBolwerk, Knikkebol, Holderdebolder, Skippybol and Stuiterbol. Pedagogical employees who work daily in the Day Care for 0-4 year-olds, Preschool with pre-school and After-school Care.

You can recognize our runners by the Rollebol outfit for the Alkmaar City Run by Night.

Free entry ticket and shirt for the children of Rollebol childcare centers
All children who participate in the Kids Run will of course receive a free entry ticket.
Children aged 4 and 5 walk the course under special supervision together with our pedagogical employees.
The children receive the shirt with the Rollebol logo for the Kids Run as a gift and of course there is a goodie bag with a surprise for everyone afterwards.

Sign Up
Click here

If you want a personalized shirt, you must register with us in time!
You will receive the starting ticket and the Rollebol children's centers running shirt through the location.

Toddler Exercise Lessons

Rollebol children's centers offers exercise lessons for toddlers in collaboration with Saturna

The toddler gym is provided according to a specific exercise program from Saturna and is concluded with a diploma for the children.

In attached flyer Read more about this extra service.

Study ball homework guidance

Cozy homework club

Studiebol, part of Rollebol Kindercentra, is a cozy homework club where children from the last classes of primary education and students from the first year of secondary education do homework under supervision in a quiet, familiar environment. We work with themes, such as making a piece of work in a group. The child learns to work independently and in groups. Furthermore, making and planning homework, learning tests, etc. In short, teaching study skills.

What is our aim?
Our goal is to support your child in making and planning homework in the last two years of primary school and the first year of secondary education.
Sometimes a child at primary school needs a little more explanation or time and the child is therefore given extra homework. For many working parents it can take a lot of time to guide the child in this. The transition to secondary education also brings many changes for the child. There is often a need for guidance in learning study skills.

What's on offer?
Studiebol offers your child a homework club in a familiar environment at primary school De Kring.
Attention is also paid to planning homework and teaching study skills, in preparation for secondary education.

For whom?
Studiebol is intended for children in groups 7 and 8 in primary education and students in the first year of secondary education.
Before the start, we provide the child with a school diary.

Where is it offered?
Studiebol is located in primary school De Kring and is part of Rollebol Kindercentra. For many children a quiet and familiar environment.

Teaching resources
In consultation with primary school De Kring, we use the existing teaching materials/methods.

Skilled staff
Homework support is provided by qualified staff.

Hot meals

In addition to providing lunch, fruit and snacks, the meal service is offered at the day care centers and the out-of-school care of Rollebol children's centers. Meals are served to the children at the end of the afternoon. We will regularly offer a dairy product after the meal.

At all Rollebol children's centers we offer the children the option of having a hot meal. This is a great success.

In line with the food policy, it was decided to purchase the meals from the organization Madaga. The fresh meals they provide are made in accordance with the guidelines of the Nutrition Center for a healthy diet. The Madaga kitchen always works with seasonal products. This means that the menu is changed. The meals vary from potatoes, vegetables and meat to pasta dishes. You can choose from fish, beef or chicken, no pork is used in the menu. All meals are freshly prepared and delivered to us twice a week.

In addition to providing lunch, fruit and snacks, the meal service is offered at the day care centers and the out-of-school care of Rollebol children's centers. Meals are served to the children at the end of the afternoon. We will regularly offer a dairy product after the meal.

The costs for one hot meal are included in your package or will automatically appear on the invoice if you occasionally want a hot meal for your child. In our planning system, the pedagogical staff can see which children are having a hot meal at the table. You can always see the weekly menu at the location near the notice board.
If you have any questions, please contact the pedagogical staff of the groups.

Hot meal to take home
We offer the service to take home a hot meal from the branch for home. Ask our Central Administration for the possibilities.