Pedagogical approach

Pedagogical purpose

Our pedagogical goal is that children (can) develop into balanced persons, who recognize and use their own talents and skills. In order to discover the world and oneself, we offer a safe environment to play and develop at our nurseries and out-of-school care.
Our pedagogical policy forms the basis of our actions. Our pedagogical policy is based on the four educational goals of Riksen-Walraven. These educational goals are emotional safety, personal competence, social competence and the internalization of norms and values. Each educational goal is described on the basis of five forms of pedagogical commitment, namely the professional-child interaction, the indoor & outdoor spaces, the group and activities and play material.

An extended version of our pedagogical policy is available on request. The pedagogical policy has been translated for our pedagogical employees into the pedagogical work plan, which they use in daily practice. These documents are available to our employees in every group in the Rollebol quality system on our Rollebol Quality System (RKS).

At Rollebol children's centers the children are given the opportunity to play and discover the world around them. The pedagogical staff guide each child at their own developmental level and give each child individual and group-oriented attention. During the supervision, attention is paid to social-emotional development, physical (motor) development, intellectual (cognitive) and creative development, the development of identity and self-reliance and language and speech development.

In this way raising and guiding the development of children always go hand in hand and the road is followed that leads to the pedagogical goal.
Guiding children towards independence can be done in many different ways. Children can often do much more than we – adults – think. Children derive a lot of pleasure from doing it themselves; it gives them admiration and it gives them self-confidence when something works!

By offering high-quality, high-quality childcare, Rollebol childcare centers give parents/carers the opportunity to have their children cared for in a responsible manner, so that the parents/carers themselves have the space to combine work (social development and career path) with having children.

Pedagogical employees

The quality of our services and the attention for the child depends to a large extent on our pedagogical staff.
Reception is not just care and responsible nutrition; expert and professional group management with pedagogical training is indispensable. We always work with qualified employees. 

In order to guarantee our quality, Rollebol childcare centers pays great care and attention to its employees. Our employees are the heart of our organization. In our personnel policy, the care and attention of the management for the personnel is recorded.
In addition to careful selection based on the recruitment policy drawn up by Rollebol childcare centers and the Collective Labor Agreement for Childcare, we ensure structurally good working conditions.


Our pedagogical staff support our formula. After all, extended and flexible care also requires flexible employees.

All professionals meet the qualification requirements set in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Childcare. Diplomas and certificates are registered in the personnel file, providing an overview that employees have the correct qualifications. In addition, we set requirements for the language level of the pedagogical employee.

When calling in on-call workers or interns, Rollebol childcare centers ensure that they are scheduled in such a way that they are never left alone in the group. A well-known, certified pedagogical employee is always present. A sick pedagogical employee will be replaced immediately.

Language development

BookStart in Childcare has been part of the wide range of Rollebol Childcare Centers for some time now. BoekStart in de Kinderopvang is a national program, developed by the Reading Foundation to stimulate enthusiasm for books and reading aloud from infancy and thus language development. Talking to your child is important from birth for good language development. And reading is a wonderful way to stimulate this! In collaboration with a reading consultant from the Kennemerwaard Library, a reading climate has been created for all Rollebol groups, among other things by means of an extensive and appropriate book collection and visibility of books on the group.

Taking care of your child

At Rollebol children's centers we provide, among other things, diapers, baby food, lunch and snacks. The costs are included in the rate that we charge as compensation. This prevents you from having to bring diapers or food to the childcare center yourself. If you have special dietary requirements, it is advisable to contact the coordinator of the group or the location manager. Some children need a special diet. We will then ensure that your child receives the correct nutrition. However, our childcare centers only provide standard products. Special or deviating food (eg soya, diet food) is not included in the rate and must be brought by the parent/guardian. Standard food such as Friso, rice flour porridge and Bambix is ​​given to the baby group. The toddlers, toddlers and three-year-olds receive, among other things, fruit, whole-wheat cookies, thick juice, whole-wheat bread, milk, custard and yogurt.

It is also possible that you give expressed breast milk for the child. If you work close to the nursery, it is fine if you come to breastfeed yourself.

At the after-school care, the children eat fresh fruit together after school and are given a drink. Crackers, corn wafers or gingerbread are also offered. During school holidays, the children also receive a snack.

When placing your child, we ask you to fill in an intake form, on which you can indicate what your child needs in addition to or as a replacement for the standard products.

At all Rollebol children's centers we offer the children the option of having a hot meal. This is a great success.
In line with the food policy, it was decided to purchase the meals from the organization Madaga. The fresh meals they provide are made in accordance with the guidelines of the Nutrition Center for a healthy diet. The Madaga kitchen always works with seasonal products. This means that the menu is switched. The meals vary from potatoes, vegetables and meat to pasta dishes. You can choose from fish, beef or chicken, no pork is used in the menu. All meals are freshly prepared and delivered to us twice a week.