Vision and objective

About Rollebol Children's Centers

Rollebol children's centers is a dynamic organization. After the construction of our first accommodation at Faktorij 129, we started on 03/03/03. We have experienced significant growth in recent years. Rollebol children's centers has various locations in Alkmaar and is HKZ/ISO 9001 certified. The initiative to start Rollebol is not only inspired to do something about the growing need for childcare, but mainly stems from our aim to boost the quality and service in childcare. We have many years of experience in the childcare industry. Our pedagogical approach ensures a responsible package of services. With our extended and flexible reception, we are one of the stars in the Alkmaar region.

With us you will find an open and customer-oriented attitude. We try to meet the needs of parents/carers as optimally as possible. The most important thing is that your child has a pleasant stay at the childcare center of your choice and that your child can develop in a nurturing and safe environment.

Unique range of services

Our main goal is to offer you the opportunity to combine the care of your children (from 6 weeks to 12 years old) with work, study and/or other social activities. Reception is our core function. That means; providing a service aimed at good care, education and opportunities for play and development for your child and offering meeting opportunities for children and their parents. 

Customized playing environment

We create a familiar childcare situation for your child, which is as close as possible to the home situation. In addition, we offer your child a sense of security and a safe atmosphere. We encourage playing through a play environment that is specially adapted to the age. The versatile play and development material is tailored to your child's developmental stage. 

Our qualified pedagogical employees provide targeted play support, both individually and in groups.

Development and identity

Rollebol children's centers are a place where professional care is provided, where children are given the space to play and can experience a healthy development. In addition, it is a nice and cozy childcare center for the children, pedagogical staff and the parents. Good contact between the pedagogical employee and parents is a precondition for harmonizing with the upbringing at home.

Not only is the social, emotional and motor development of your child stimulated, but attention is also paid to developing creativity and language. From our pedagogical vision, the development of identity and self-reliance plays an important role in this.

Integrated services

Close, good cooperation with the schools is central to integrated service provision. Out-of-school care (BSO) is provided by Rollebol childcare centers at locations associated with or in the vicinity of the schools that use our services. The after-school care offers an extensive program of after-school activities in various themes. 

A day program is provided during the holidays and on timetable-free days. In addition, various locations act as IKC. An Integral Child Center (IKC) is a facility in which organizations such as education, daycare, preschool, out-of-school care and welfare activities for children are combined in one location. If you are looking for integrated services, you have come to the right place.

Full-service concept

Rollebol children's centers aims to relieve parents as much as possible. We do this by offering a full-service concept. This concept is comprehensive; the costs for diapers, baby food, lunch and snacks are included in the hourly rate. You do not need to bring anything yourself.

In addition, we can support you with all kinds of administrative matters, such as applying for childcare allowance or subsidy. It is also possible to take swimming lessons through us at the Hoornse Vaart swimming pool and De Hout swimming pool. Everything to make it as easy as possible for you.


Rollebol children's centers is a private organization and has short lines of communication with the responsible management, who are close to its customers. Rollebol children's centers has obtained the HKZ/ISO 9001 certificate on the basis of the quality system. We hereby meet the established requirements and standards. The Quality Mark carries out an annual check on this.

We are registered in the National Register of Childcare (LRK) by the municipality of Alkmaar. The GGD checks us for compliance with legal provisions and the mandatory RI (risk inventory). Rollebol children's centers will take care of insurance for the accident risk of the children and pedagogical employees during their stay in the children's center or on the associated grounds, as well as when going from home to the children's center and vice versa for a maximum of one hour before and one hour after the stay in our childcare centers. Parents are of course primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of their child. The responsibility of the pedagogical staff is and remains additional in this respect. Our responsibility and care begins as soon as the child has been handed over by the parent(s) to the pedagogical employee. Conversely, the responsibility of the pedagogical employee ends after transferring it to the parent(s).

Customer focus

Rollebol children's centers is a service-oriented, pleasant and open organization. We are always open to the wishes, comments and suggestions of parents. After all, it is in everyone's interest that the children have a good time at Rollebol childcare centers. 

We believe that long waiting lists in childcare should never lead to a limited choice for parents to place the child. A placement at Rollebol childcare centers is a conscious choice, because you feel that it clicks for you and your child. And not just because there is room.