Childcare Act

Childcare allowance; how is that exactly?

If you are employed, you are entitled to childcare allowance. If you have an allowance partner, you must both be employed. If one of you is not working, you may still be entitled to childcare allowance. For example, if you are following a course. The amount of the childcare allowance depends on your income. On the website of the Tax authorities can find more information below. You can also calculate here how much childcare allowance you are entitled to. You can also contact the Central Administration for this. 

It is important that you apply for the childcare allowance within three months of the start date, but we advise you to apply for the childcare allowance at least one month before the start date if possible. The tax authorities pay the childcare allowance one month in advance. You will receive the payout around the 20th of each month. The Tax and Customs Administration does not pay a childcare allowance with retroactive effect for more than three months.

Apply for childcare allowance

You need a DigiD to apply for childcare allowance. If you have an allowance partner, your allowance partner must also log in with their own DigiD. You need the following information to apply for the childcare allowance: 

You can find this information on the placement agreement. 

It is possible to have the childcare allowance paid directly to the childcare organization. You can opt for this if you use one childcare organization. You can report this on My allowances. You can then inform the Central Administration by sending an overview of your current calculation.

Notify changes

If something changes in your home situation, in your work situation or if there is a change with regard to childcare, you must report this to the Tax Authorities as soon as possible. You can also report changes on My Allowances. 

Request support or changes childcare allowance

The employees of the Central Administration are happy to offer you support when applying for or changing the childcare allowance. As a parent, you remain responsible at all times for what you request from the Tax Authorities, but our employees of the Central Administration have experience in applying for childcare allowance. That is why they are happy to help you. If you want to make use of this support, you can schedule an appointment by phone.